Wayne Pope


My Goals As 2024 U.S. President

My goal is to become President of the United State 2024 Democratic Party. My goal is to Achieve World Peace for all God Children's while promotion of Family Generational Wealth and Humanity Equal Justice, I believe that we can all work together World wide helping each other for we all have something to share while loving each other as Brothers and Sisters and love for family. My goal is to build family generational wealth by giving every last American Tax Payer 1 Million Dollar tax free with and Executive Order of 10% freeze within America and its Territories. This is my Family Jump Start Program, there is so much change needed in America from New Housing Programs for all nationalities to better Education Programs that will gives our students a better chance at life then a future of possible incarceration, this is one of the greatest countries in the world but so much change is needed. I want to hold Law Enforcement accountable for there wrongful doing if convicted by a Court of Law, that his or her retirement of pension be awarded to the victim or there families. I want to give the Americans a choice to live how they chose without governments restrictions including the LGBT Community for we are all God Children's on his earth to live and love in peace.

Presidential ideals for 2024